Sunday, January 8, 2012

Card 1 of ThirtyOne!!


Am I the only one who feels like there is so much inspiration out there for us crafters, that it is slightly overwhelming??? There are so many ideas, blogs, challenges, classes, tutorials, projects, programs.. you get the idea. I'm not complaining, because I love it, but I'm very compulsive and have a tendancy to want to try to do it all... which we all know isn't possible. I get paralyzed and then do nothing... So, I tried to select some projects for 2012 that would support my scrappy goals and get me out of my comfort zone...

I really want to ramp up my card making abilities, so to help me out with that, I downloaded an Ebook from Ella Publishing called 31 Thank You Cards. I did the first prompt and my card is below. Not very creative, boring really....I followed the guidelines pretty closely.. It was to create a card with a coordinating paper line. I used a MME 6x6 paper pad .. I decided to break out my Epiphany button tool and create a matching button too..

I don't know why I struggle with cards, but I do..

A couple other Ella Ebooks I downloaded were: 

What attracted me to these downloads were the work at your own pace aspect. No deadlines and pressure, which for me is a giant plus.

What has you inspired this year so far??? Lea has me inspired to try the prompts at Creative Jump Start as well.. see what I mean about trying to do it all... sigh... too much bling, bling pulling me in all sorta directions... lol.. =)

My OLW is still brewing btw...

See ya soon.
Toodles. =)


  1. I like your card - simple is often very nice and not boring (the button is great!) and the line you choose is gender neutral. I agree that it is very easy to get overwhelmed - good for you for focusing. I sent some time earlier today trying to do the same. Would love to try it all but yikes - there's so much!

  2. I think your card looks great! Love the mix of papers! :)

    You're right about having too much inspiration on the web...I go off-grid on weekends to just

  3. I love this card, great paper choice, looks fab. I look forward to seeing more

  4. It's a very pretty card, not boring at all!

  5. I know exactly what you mean...I am totally feeling overwhelmed with all the inspiration out there! It is very intimidating, that's for sure. I love your card! It's just perfect for a thank you card...I like how you broke up the patterned paper.

  6. I love the simplicity of this card, you know what, that is not easy for me, I tends to layered.


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