Friday, October 16, 2009

100 posts to my blog???

Hi, good morning. it's 5am and I have a warm snuggly doggie on my lap...she is so spoiled. I was wide awake at 4am. Not my usual habit. I like to sleep. so, here i am, on the computer, poking around and looking at stuff on my blogger dashboard and noticed my last post was #100. crazy huh? Never thought I'd get that many or start a blog for that matter. it's been fun. =)

I haven't actually scrapbooked since the last post either. That is sooooo not like me. It's been like 2 weeks. I'm in withdrawl. I've been busy working on my school paper, spending time with the hubby(it was his birthday this month), and spent the first 3 days of this week in MN at the Mayo Clinic with my mom. All is good, she is getting better. thankfully.. =)

I do have one scrappy thing to report. If you are looking for a fun challenge, come over to Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends. I moderate the Music is a Craft group. There is a great challenge this month. come check out the challenge or just come join the site. There are so many other great groups and things to do. Lots of ideas to keep you busy.. lol.. =)

So, I think that is all i have to report. Thankfully today is FRIDAY.. so happy.

Toodles... =)


  1. Hey glad to see you posting. I hope you get some scrappy time in soon. Happy to hear your mom is getting better.

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post, it is a bloggers milestone, I guess. I am only new to blogging myself and also a scrapper and it's nice to discover that there are like minded people out there, who also have to live a normal life and don't get to scrap for a couple of weeks - watch out withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Hi Theresa,

    I have the perfect solution for you with you lost mojo!!

    Love your blog, found it through bloghopping...... some great work here. If you have time would you like to have a go at one of my challenges or even become a follower of my sites to get all the latest updates and info.

    Would love you to join us this month :)

    ARTastic =
    Inspiration this month comes from Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night'


    From Screen 2 Scrap =
    Inspiration this month comes from the movie poster 'Night at the Museum'

    International scrappers welcome :)

    So,.....don't forget to become a follower of my challenge blog sites, the more patronage I get the better and bigger the sponsors :)

    Thanks and cheers

  4. Hey Theresa, Like you, I've lost my mojo as well. I just can't seem to create much lately---too much on my mind I think. Two weeks ago, I was loaded with inspiration, but now it's gone ka-put! I'm a member of S&CF and I believe a member of your group--I'll have to check out the next challenge. Hope your day goes well and you find your muse!

  5. Better late than never! CONGRATS on your 100th post! It wasn't too long ago (probably around the same time as you) that I made 100 posts! Congrats again.


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