Wednesday, October 28, 2009

all tricks and no treats... =)

hello there my wonderful blogger peeps... =) how is everyone... i've really been neglecting my blog... I'm sorry. no blog lovin' either. =( I just haven't had anything really inspiring to talk about or to share... i have not completed a layout in over 30 days... gulp.. i lost my mojo or something. I actually had my friend Lea over to crop last Friday and I started two layouts and didn't finish anything. nothing felt right. have you been there. I don't know what it is. nothing was flowing. maybe it was the pictures. I don't know. the only scrapbook related thing I've been doing is shopping. been doing a lot of that. it's a sickness. =)

I've bought some fun bling and pearls from Peachy Cheap, oh.. and some Thickers. love those..stopped by a LSS store while up north.. picked up a few sheets of paper to match some I already have... also, got some new UNITY stamps in the mail on Monday. I splurged when they had 30% off everything. Got the U.R etcetera Collection, some storage folders and snap cases... then, they had some really cute sets for $2.. what a bargain. i love these things. they are so cute. if you haven't tried them, you must.... and to give a little incentive to you, I'm going to have a little blog candy giveaway. nothing major, but I received some duplicate free stamps and why hoard them.. when I can share with someone.. I'll post that little treat this weekend when i have some time to figure out what I want to do.. so stop back on Halloween.... it will be frightfully good.. heehee!!! =)

i have been working diligently on my master's thesis. got my proposal approved, and with any luck that Da** thing will be done by mid December. I'm so not into it.

Oh, and i got a new phone. a blackberry storm.. I LOVE it!!!!! I'm a tech junkie and like gadgets..its so very addicting.. all the apps and tools..not to mention Internet 24/7.. crazy. who would have thunk!! =) never thought I'd be posting status updates to facebook with my phone..

well.. please let me know what fun projects or layouts you've been up to so I can get some inspiration, or if you want, commiserate with me and tell me it's ok to not want to scrap and that i'll be back to normal soon... lol.. =)

I hope you are all planning a fun filled Halloween. We are.



  1. Don't worry about it. Like anything else, we all go through Peaks and Valleys. You will get out of the valley and soon enough get your mojo back.

    Maybe just get some new pictures or start a whole new project that you have always wanted to do. If not, just wait it out. One day soon, you will be whipping out pages:)

  2. Eeek! No MoJo? That is frightful!! Hope you find it soon.

  3. hope you find that mojo soon! I always shop more when my mojo takes a dive.. but once it comes back i use it :D well some of it lol

  4. Hey stranger! I missed coming here. Hopefully I can get mine going right again. Seems to have some problems. I will be back more often I promise!

  5. Sorry your mojo ran away. I'd share some of mine but that means you'd have to start digi scrapping :)
    Blackberry storm huh? I've had mine for a year now! You will love it!!! The camera isn't bad and the apps well what is not to love. My favs are Ubertwitter, FB, Flickr, and well ya. It is like the easiest way to communicate :)

  6. Hi Theresa, I stopped by your blog--as always, I pick up inspiration. I'd like to give you a blog award--just go to my blog and grab the Over The Top award, copy the questions-give your answers-post to your blog and send it to 5 other lucky bloggers! Enjoy!



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