Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little fun for you..

Good morning.. I love Saturdays.. no work, sleeping in, and doing whatever I want.. love it!! I've been up for a bit and while watching HGTV...i was conveniently browsing around the net, coming across some fabulous scrapbookers and fun blogs. So, I wanted to share some of my fun finds..

The Scrap Review
a site that will be reviewing scrap products.. and will be having giveaways too.

A Kiss on the Chic
a kit club that has some great designers. I got some great inspiration from the pics that were posted. Check out the gallery and the blog.

and I really want to get some Glimmer Mist. Here is the Tattered Angels web site. I think the mists would work great with my Crafter's Workshop templates.

So much more to look at, so little time.. =)

Yesterday was so nice here. I think it was almost 60.. I took a bunch of pictures... I'll post a few...

here is my little dog. i kept taking pictures as fast as my lame camera would allow and I caught her with her tongue out.. how cute is that?

Here is the spring thaw.. this is the ditch next to our home.. it's been frozen and overflowing..all the rain and snow we had.. blech! here is what it looks like after a few days of 50 degree weather. and that's our neighbors yard in the background that's a little water logged too. ours, thankfully, doesn't get that bad.

And lastly.. here is a pic of the sunset through the trees on our property line. Looked very cool. you will see there is a squirrels nest in the tree. it was much better in person.. it's so nice that the sun stays out a little longer these days..

I'm looking forward to a relaxing's raining and gloomy.. so a great weekend to stay inside.... Only 6 more days and I'll be at my scrapbook retreat... i hope to get a lot of work done. I have so many ideas swimming around in my brain... and I printed off over 130 photos.. that should keep me busy.. Have a great weekend. =)


  1. I just love the new layout on your blog! It is fantastic! I love Saturdays too - especially when we haven't planned a boat load of stuff to do and you are more exhausted when you go back to work on Monday then when you left work on Friday. LOVE - the pic of your pooch!

  2. Look at that cute little doggie!!!! Great Picture.

    Thank you for stopping at my blog today!

    I read your post about the Mark's Paper Company. I LOVE that paper too! I have to get some (or all of it!). Maybe we should tell Laura to put in the kits at A Kiss on the Chic!

    Love all your work! Have a great day! :) Melanie

  3. Thankyou for visiting my blog :).. Your doggy is so gorgeous. I have added you to my blog list hoope thats ok xxx

  4. Your little doggy is sooooooo gorgeous!
    I hope you have scrapped her/him this weekend!!!!

    Oh and...
    Fabulous pics too!


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