Thursday, March 12, 2009

a quick hello and goodbye...

hi there. just wanted to check in real quick. i'm packing and sorting for a scrapbook retreat this weekend. me and 7 of my friends will be tearing up some paper.. literally.. =) we are leaving tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday afternoon.. i haven't spent an entire weekend away with my friends before.. at least not in years.. it will be like the old days, hanging out, and chatting all night long.. only now, instead of toys or watching MTV, we are playing with paper. i'll always be a kid at heart..=)

so, before i go I wanted to post my most recent layout. it was completed on Feb 28th.. it's of my great niece.. isn't she cute??

while preparing for my trip, i was sorting through photos.. old ones, of my family, dad, mom, you know.. the stuff your parents took before you were born or really young.. it really made me miss my dad.. more so probably because I had just got a message from my mom through facebook.. can you believe it.. my mom, on FB.. I just love her to pieces.. how she put up with my as a child, i'll never know.. i was so un-grateful sometimes.. thank god I came to my senses.. =) love you mom!!!!

I leave you with this.. and upon my return, i hope to have a huge collection of new layouts to show you..


  1. I've been rescuing all those old photo's from years ago! I love scrapping with black and white pix. Go, unwind, relax and have fun!!! Love the LO!

  2. Have fun on your scrapbook retrait! You made a very lovely page again! Nice work!

  3. I cant wait until I see what you have done at your retreat!!!

    Ooooh I did LOVE mine last weekend!!! Got heaps done!

    Hope it was productive for you!!!


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