Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling the LOVE!!!

Happy Wednesday... how is everyone doing? I can't wait till the weekend.. have a lot of fun things on tap.. scrapping on Friday and a party to go to on Saturday... fun! fun! I haven't been up to much.. I'm enrolled in my last class for my Master's degree.. It's to help write the Master's Thesis.. had my last class yesterday.. now, to get my proposal approved and to get writing that thing.. I want to be completed by May 1st. It will be tough, but I'm gonna try. I so want to be done with school... i'm all schooled out.. it's time to be done... most of my adult life I've been going to school in some form or another.. I'll definitely be celebrating when the day comes that I get the piece of paper i've worked so hard for.. =)

Ok.. now on to scrapping.. instead of dedicating the two hours i promised myself on my paper each day.. I was bad and played with my scrap stuff tonight when I got home from work... I couldn't help myself.. I was bad and already broke my Feb NO shopping challenge at I haven't completed one layout, but I spent some money at Joann's today.. I will penalize myself right now by stating I will add 2 more layouts to my total.. that means 17 layouts before I can spend any more money on scrap supplies... once you see what I got, you will know I couldn't pass it up..

I've been thinking alot about Valentine's day and I'm loving all the papers and goodies.. so cute and I want to make my hubby a cute card... we aren't exchanging gifts so i have to make a home made card.. or I'll be so ashamed of myself.. it's the least I can do.. he's taking me to see Friday the 13th next Friday... =) we are horror movie buffs.. So.. when I was being bad today.. I got the following cute stuff in the $1 section.. the glitter glue it so dang cool.. big too.. like twice the size of stickles.. and the colors are dreamy. Also, got a great glittery title I'm going to put on my hubby's card...
Aren't those cool colors of glitter glue? and those LOVE stamps were so darn cute.. also a $1. there are a lot of cherries out there in paper and think i'll get a lot of use out of them..

I'm still doing good on my Project 365.. taking a picture every day.. it's tough trying to figure out what to take a picture of.. but today.. it was a no brainer.. I got out of my car at work.. it was like 1 degree out.. but the sun was shining.. i think the picture turned out kinda cool.

And this is one of the layouts I did a couple weekends back, but needed to add a couple things to it.. it's a duck that was hanging out at our bird feeder. I scraplifted the page idea from a fellow ACOT scrapper..

So.. that's what I've been up to. I'll have some more layouts to share after Friday.. till then..
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. WOW! I need to go check out those dollar deals! Awesome layouts!

  2. I feel you on being schooled out! I don't have a JoAnn's and our Michael's dollar section has nothing that good. I love those little stamps!

  3. I live in the boonies and wish I could get cool things like that! I have something for you on my blog!


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