Friday, January 30, 2009


and can you believe January is almost over????? I can't.. time is flying by. I've been doing a lot better with my eating this year.. packing lunches, less eating out, more healthy choices.. still not seeing a ton of progress, but hey.. I'm not gaining weight.. that a bonus.. if I could just workout a little or a lot.. =) dang foot problems...

ok.. back to something scrappy.. I've been doing really good on my Project 365.. taking pictures every day and journaling... it's been fun. I was bad the last couple days. I had added on to my January No Shopping challenge..4 more pages.. because i met my goal and needed some incentive... well, i went off the deep end and did more shopping.. went to the LSS that is closing AGAIN... what's wrong with me... its the 60% off that is getting me.. I really, really don't need anything.. it's the want.. you know???? how often does that come around. not often. So.. I picked up a bunch more Art Glitter kits....Amore, Black Monochromatic.. if you haven't tried these glitters, you must.. very good quality and if you use their glue, some how, they are even better. try it, you'll like it..heehee!!! some more papers, stickers, rubons. and bought the Cropper Hopper Black Binder.. I'm going to use the CH binder for my stickers... i'm outgrowing my storage.. right now I combine stickers and rubons together.. I'm going to seperate them... I'm on the prowl for a Painters Art box to store all my stickers and rubons in. So far.. no luck.. Joann's has been out every time I go there. it's annoying. I use one of these for my flowers.. works great. And then my FAV LSS was having a fab friday and I stopped in to see what's up.. and they have the Rusty Pickle Choc Covered Cherry line..

had to have it!!!! and got a insert for the CH binder.. I've got a sickness I tell ya.. Ok.. ok... I will get my act together and not shop in February until I meet my Feb No Shopping Challenge of 15 pages... whew.. I feel a little better now..

Here is a picture of the Reminisce "be mine" line... I got this from the owner of the LSS that i love.. SG&M. She is so nice to me. I asked if she was getting the line in.. she said only a few papers. I wanted more.. so she let me have the kit she got.. I just love her...If you are ever in Midland MI..stop in. It's not the biggest store.. but they are so friendly and know their product.... =) They know I'm a junkie and that I can't resist a sale or new stuff...

can't wait to scrap a page with that stuff. so yummy and glittery.. love it!!!

Wendy blessed me and gave me this fun award... Thanks Wendy.. I will need to spread the love too... it's so hard.. because I love all the blogs I follow and I get so many fun and interesting ideas from my fellow scrappers... everyone deserves it..

So, here is to sharing the LOVE: I must pass this along to 5 bloggers..

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Every one of the above bloggers has some great art and ideas.. you must go visit.

Whew.. that was a long post. I need to update more often so these posts aren't boring... =) Here are some pictures for your viewing entertainment.. lol..

This is my DH.. taking a late night nap. snapped it while he was sleeping on the couch.. he hates his pic taken..what he doesn't know won't hurt him...

And this is my baby doggie.. she was waiting patiently for the hubbie to come home from work.. I caught her on the steps waiting.. so dang cute..

Hope everyone is having a good start to the weekend.. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow.. some photo opportunities for sure...

Toodles my blogging pals.. till next time..


  1. fAB YOU ARE doing a 365 project!
    Yes I do an 8x8 page everyday but only allow myself 20mins on it, and only using scraps! Its my morning creative half hour! If I dont have the time to scrap a page - I just make sure a photo is taken....punch some holes in it and write on the back and pop it into the binder. So there's no pressure to 'have' to get it done.

    Love the products you are showing on your page!! So cool to use!

  2. I just had to leave a comment on that adorable pic of your doggie waiting like that, soooooo cute! Great pic!
    xxx Peggy


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