Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Recovered... =)

Well, I think I'm finally recovered from my scrappers hangover from last weekend.. =) I feel like I'm up to getting a layout or two done. I still have 2 from last week that i need to adding some finishing touches to... even though I haven't been scrapping this week.. i did do some shopping for scrappy items. I met my January No Shopping goal over at so i was able to binge a little on supplies at a LSS that is going out of business..let's just say, I've been bad.. really bad.. but at 60% off.. i can't help myself.. and then the other day I stopped at my FAV LSS SGM and picked up a couple things they had ordered for me. Here are a couple pics of my purchase at SGM.

Tim Holtz Sander.. so I can sand some Coredinations paper...

Clip it up holder for my 6x6 Heidi Swapp flowers.. I don't use a clip it up.. but another storage method.

Some really cute Cosmo Cricket holiday chipboard.. i love the snowman..

Then.. this morning.. I went to Memory Lane one last time to stock pile on stuff.. 60% off.. can't beat that with a stick.. I picked up tons more rubons, stickers, paper, Art glitter, and one of those cute CI dress forms so I can dress it up for my scrap room... I got $171 worth of stuff for like $85. It was out of hand.. but it makes me happy.. Now, I'm back on my scrap diet for my January NO shopping challenge. If I want to buy anything else in January, I have to do 4 more layouts... and in February.... i have to complete 15 layouts before I can shop.. seems fair.. =)

Oh.. and I finally went to the dark side.. and signed up for FaceBook. I have Myspace..., but I think Facebook is way more fun and more of my scrapper friends are on it.. Let me know if you are out there in FaceBook or Myspace land so I can add you... =)

Toodles... off to watch some tv and wait for the DH to finish making dinner. Chinese..beef and broccoli.. with homemade fried rice too.. healthy.. no greasey sauce.. Mmmmmm!!!!


  1. 60% OFF! yes, I think I would have to indulge for that too! Great buys - love the sander. Lots better than a piece of sandpaper that ends up sanding you more than the paper.

  2. Hi Theresa,

    I enjoy so much reading your blog, that I have an award for you. Take a look at my blog.

    Take care,

  3. Awesome deals!! I am on both the Facebook and MySpace.

    MySpace is and I'm Candace Mitchell in the Southern Miss network on Facebook.

  4. Great finds! I FINALLY got to scrap a little. I only got one page done, but hey it's a start.

  5. looks like some great finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on facebook too :D

  6. Weeeeell I'd never say no to 60% off!! wow!
    Love your slide show - fabulous work!!!


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