Sunday, January 4, 2009

My back hurts and I have a headache..blah!

ok.. sorry to be a downer.. but it's true.. my back hurts so bad, i can hardly sit or stand straight. it's ridiculous. I hope the Aleve I just took kicks in soon. not sure what did it to me. my back started hurting earlier when I was scrapping.. maybe it's the chair I use.. would be a good excuse to get a new one.. as for the headache.. I think that was induced by some cocktails I had.. drank some whiskey and 7up. we had to go to J's dart banquet tonight.. free drinks. so I had a few.. not enough to get much more than a buzz... but obviously it didn't sit right with my brain. I feel twice my age right now.. =(

enough of the whining.. I'll get through it as usual. I can't believe it's already the 3rd of January.. time is sure flying. I'm keeping up on my picture a day for the BH's 365 challenge. I haven't created any templates yet, but I will. I need to make sure i have the concept all set up in my brain before I go and put it down on paper. I have made the first dent in my Volume scrapbook challenge. got my first layout of 2009 completed today.. woohoo!!! =)

Here it is.. it's a layout of my step son.. the pics are scans of polaroids I had.. not the best, but I don't have many of him as a little kid at Christmas. The paper is old 3 Bugs I had laying around and the sketch is from this months Pagemaps.

Dear Santa.

Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow and can get a couple more layouts done. I have 9 more to do this month to stay on track.

Good Night..!


  1. Hope you will soon feel much better. A back can really hurt, and a headache with it, I keep my fingers crossed so you will feel better soon.

    I love your lay-out, it looks very nice!!

  2. I too hope you feel better soon. I love this layout. Very nice!


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