Sunday, January 4, 2009

FOCUS.. that's my word!!!

ok..i was cruising around the net like i always do and came across a blog that mentioned designating a word for the year... i thought it was a good idea... so it got me to thinking what my word for 2009 would be.... and after some thought.. it is.. {FOCUS}.. seems so simple, but that is really what it's about.. one word to reflect on and to sum up what I want to accomplish this year. I need to be focused on eating better, working out more, spending more time with my family, taking care of my DH and making him feel special, finishing my MSA, my work, being a better person, scrapbooking more.. well, you get it.. the word will be my mantra into the New Year.. when things side line me, i will need to ensure that I stayed FOCUSed on the big picture.. and some times the not so big..

if you want to read more about the One Word go to Ali Edwards blog.

It seems like as the New Year unfolds, I have so many things i want to accomplish. it's going to be a fun filled, challenging year.. i can't wait to see what happens... =)


  1. Hi Theresa! You won my blog RAK for the Shutterfly calendar! Congratulations! Email me at candylou48 at and I will respond with the code you need to get the free calendar.

  2. Easier said than done! Maybe I should adopt that word too. I see you won a RAK...Congrats!

  3. Like your word for this year...I too have see this but I am not sure what word I want....Thinner? Nah, just joking...probably - Patient...XjS


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