Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dressed up Clipboard

Good Evening.. =) I actually did a little crafty project tonight.. can you believe it. I haven't scrapped a page in days.. I need to get working.. those goals don't get met the way I've been behaving... hehe!

I'm pretty happy how this clipboard turned out. I was working on a chipboard album that was suppose to be for my friend's mom. I couldn't get enough pictures of my friend and I to fill it up.. 20+ yrs of friendship and hardly any pictures...the few I do have are when we are older.. no kid pics. kinda a bummer. So, I had to come up with something new... that's when I had a light bulb moment and thought I could alter a clipboard and put some scratch paper on it.

I used Basic Grey paper Urban Prairie, some stickers, ribbon, and a jumbo HS flower folded in half.. When I was done adhering the paper, I put a thin layer of modpodge over it. Then, the finishing touch was to put some adhesive magnets on the back so she could put it on the fridge. It's a small clipboard, more for little sticky notes and stuff.. not a large one.. although now my mind is wandering on the possibilities here.. would be cute to make one of these for my office with my word for the year on it and hang it on my bulletin board... I need to jazz my personal space up at work.. it's really sterile. no personality and I've been there 4 years now..

So here are some pics. The Clipboard is 6 x 9.

So, what do you think? I can't wait to make another one....
On a side note.. i'm doing good on my Project 365 Challenge.. been keeping up with my picture taking.. If you want to see some ideas, go to this thread at These ladies are very talented and lots of ideas floating around. Becky Higgin's blog has info too.
Ok.. now I need to go to bed... i gotta be up early for work.. Tomorrow is Tawas...


  1. That clipboard looks wonderful, I've never tried to scrap small projects, I should do it sometime I think, because it's so nice to look at.

  2. i love this clip board. never thought of doing a clipboard but it could come in handy great idea...

  3. It looks wonderful! I have some of those clipboards, just never got around to making them.

  4. Hey girlfriend! I got something for you over at my blog...come check it out!

  5. That's great! And I love that you can actually use it! I was at a vendor's booth, and they had you fill out stuff on their altered clipboard, and there were chunky things under the paper!


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