Monday, January 12, 2009

I got an Award.. and a couple layouts!!!

Hi. how's it going? I'm still working on the fact its Monday... the weekend goes by so quick and I had the Monday blues.. work was busy as usual.. didn't take a lunch.. I hate wishing my life away, but this week... i'm looking forward to Friday because I'm scrapbooking all day Friday with my friend Lea.. we will be scrapping for 13 continuous hours... 10am till 11pm... can't wait!!! and to top it off, I'm leaving my scrap stuff overnight and will be back at it on Saturday morning for more scrapping... another 13 hours possibly.. depends on how I feel but I want to knock out a bunch of challenges and layouts. My goal will be 10...

Tomorrow night I start my first night back at school. it's going to be an intense semester... i'm writing my master's thesis.. so wish me luck that I come out of this still sane.. lol.. =) the weather is suppose to be crappy so i hope it clears up enough so that I can drive all the way to Lansing.. that is where i have to go.... kinda a drag to drive that far, but you do what you have to. there is a winter weather advisory starting tonight that lasts into Wed morning..

the beginning of the week is not all bad... I did have a fun surprise at my scrapping friend Carrie's blog... she bestowed upon me a Fabby Blog Award..
I'm so flattered that she would think that i'm fab.. =) she does such great work... Thanks Carrie!!!! I will display my award with pride... and bestow it upon others accordingly.. so... I need to list 5 of my addictions..

Dt. Mt Dew
TV watching
Spending time with my DH

and I need to give out the award to a 5 other blogging pals with Fab Blogs..

Candace -
Erica -
Amarilys -
Lea -
Kim's 365 blog -

I have so many blogs I follow.. it was difficult to pick just 5. I enjoy reading them all and get so many good ideas from them.. scrappers are the most generous of crafters... =)

Ok.. now.. this would not be a scrapping blog if I didn't post a couple of my most recent layouts.... i was able to get 2 completed this weekend.. here they are..

2nd Thanksgiving..
this was a couple pics of our fun tradition.. we have Thanksgiving again every Spring...

Santa's Elf..
my baby dog.. looking cute as always.. this was for a challenge I did over at ACOT.

Happy Monday.. =)


  1. Thanks! You're too sweet Theresa! :) I love your 2nd Thanksgiving idea...cute lo's!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I have something for you over at my blog...go check it out! read the got an award entry..

  3. That Thanksgiving LO is great! I love the swirl.

  4. I have something at my blog for you...go check it out!


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