Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day.. 2009!!

well.. out with the old, in with the new.. new friends, new techniques, new goals, new challenges, new perspectives.. just lots of new..looking foward to it. 2008 wasn't a bad year.. but, probably not the best.. can't wait to get rejuvinated and start fresh.

Here are some of my scrappy goals...
  • Complete 128 layouts
  • Complete Project 365 Becky Higgins challenge
  • Buy no scrapping items in January
  • Complete 1 monthly challenge at ACOT

I've joined challenge groups at to help me stay motived on a few of these and I'm doing my own layouts for the BH challenge. I'm not buying the kit. I can do the layouts myself. I already took my first picture of the year... "the laundry".. it's the only thing I've done all day beside sit on the coach..

Some of my own personal resolutions...

  • lose 50 lbs
  • live and eat healthy
  • spend more time with friends and family
  • save more money
  • pay off cc bills

So what are some of your resolutions? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Last night we ended up going to a friends house.. it was fun. drank a few cocktails, ate some snacks, and watched the ball drop...also.. played some Wii bowling and boxing.. I bowled a 198 and beat up a couple friends.. haha! it was all in good fun... =) There are some cool pics that were taken of all of us.. will post those when I get them..

Have a Happy Healthy New Year!


  1. Glad you had a great New Years! I stayed home and played Rock Band with my kids and nephews. Up til 5 in the fingers HURT!!
    I want to loose about 50 more pounds too. Good luck with yours.

  2. I'm happy you had a great New Year! I would like to wish you a happy New Year, a good health and lots of scrapping fun.


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