Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rain, Rain, go away!!!

well, it has to be the crappiest day this winter so far here. It's like 55 degrees and raining... The rain has washed most of the snow hills away, but boy, has it caused lots of low lying areas to get water logged and I'm worried about the ditch overflowing and our side yard is on the verge of getting too close to the house... I should go take pictures. It's nuts. I guess that is Michigan for you with Global Warming.. haha!! As long as the power stays on, I think we will be ok.

we did do one errand today.. took back the dvd player I bought a few weeks back. it sucked. It skipped and had lots of problems. That's what I get for buying a cheapy. Oh well. Took it back and got the new Batman movie... Batman Begins.. we only had to exchange or return like 2 gifts this year.. which is nice.

tonight we are going to our friends house. can't wait. UFC fight, snacks, and good company.. and maybe some scrapping.. I'm leary of lugging my crap out in this weather. maybe a project would be ok... since it's a nice relaxing day... I've spent most of it in the basement just playing with a layout and cleaning up the scrap area.. making sure it is water safe. I would be an unhappy camper if I came home to water logged stuff.

here is the lo I finished. It's of my great neice a few Christmas' back.. 2003 I think. I used some 3 bugs paper, MM stickers, and HS chipboard... also, this was for the ACOT 7 days of Christmas challenge. had to have 7 presents...

Sugar and Spice makes Christmas nice!

Till next time... happy scrapping!!!!


  1. Looks great! I love the papers you choose. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Nice lay-out you made. I also like to do scrapping, but also card making, cross stitching, and all kinds of creative things.

    Happy Holidays from Belgium.


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