Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

Good Morning.. well, we made it through the night without any water damage.. and the flood warning and rain ended.. but the winds were terrible. I woke up and my patio umbrella was on its side with the glass table top attached.. thankfully it didn't break. I fixed it and went on my way.. whew.. could have been a catastrophe.
Last night we went to a party.. scrapped and had fun. I did 3 layouts.. one double and a single.. was happy with my progress.
This one was for the ACOT 6 days of Christmas challenge. I had to use 6 pictures.
Santa was Here..

Then, i threw a quick page together of my brother and my doggie.. she doesn't handle car rides well. she loves to go, but she gets so worked up and is annoying. I need a travel crate..and then maybe she can participate in more family functions again... =)

I'm going to work on my 2009 scrappy goals... see you later...


  1. Very nice lay-outs you have made! It's a good thing your table wasn't damaged. Here in Belgium it is very cold at the moment, it's freezing.

  2. The weather here was crazy too! It was so warm but the rain would not go away. The winds sounded like there was a freight train going through my house. I haven't checked the back yard yet to see if I still have a patio set! Great layouts, I can't wait until I have time again to scrap.

  3. Awesome! Job - I am so jealous, I would love to get together and scrap my night away..

  4. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

    Great job on the layouts you got done. Sorry about the crazy weather you've been having.

  5. i love the lo's great job.. glad to see u had no water damage...

  6. love your work.
    what a bad weather you're having over there. hope everything is ok.


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