Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A commercial break... lol.. =)

Hi Friends!!!!

Haven't really been blogging or crafting much, but I just have to share this because I LOVE it. I'm a music junkie... I think I went to every 80s hair band concert back in the decade of decadence... lol.. =) I've expanded my taste a bit and love all kinds of music..

This is a great band that I found by chance listening to the Eclipse soundtrack. Their new album is coming out very soon, but they are giving you sneaks of 5 songs. They are awesome. Check it out.

I can't stop listening to Lonely Boy..  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. i really love expanding my music  collection.

If you have any great bands you love, share them in my comments. I'll definitely check them out.

Here is the YouTube video for Lonely Boy... it's awesome too.

ok... back to your regularly scheduled programing.... lol.. =0
Scrapbookers Anonymous December Challenge is on its way in 2 sleeps. See you then...



  1. I was an 80's hair band concert goer too!! I can STILL head bang like no other! LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I kind of missed the hair bands, but I was way into grunge! And my husband plays "Hair Nation" all the time in the car, so guilty by association I guess, haha! He tried to convince me the other day that if Guns 'n' Roses came out today, they would still sound modern. Huh, not sure about that. I've heard of the Black Keys, I listen to Alt. Nation and they get a lot of air time, but the band I love and I discovered way too late is the White Stripes! Anyway, cute video, I wonder who the rockin' dancer is, he's pretty awesome! Hugs, Roxy.

  3. Thanks Theresa - just what I needed to wake me up this morning. I'll e-mail you something tonight for the December challenge.

  4. HA HA... thanks for sharing this Theresa... bring back o'le memories... with a smile... hugs..xoxo

  5. Ah, the good ol' hair bands. I'll have to check out this clip later. Looking forward to Friday!!!


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