Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas 1998

Hi, there is a 12 Days of Christmas Challenge over at ACOT.. I'm going to try to do each days item. I did yesterday's. It was to do a layout of a Christmas Tree. Here is what I came up with. I used some scrapworks paper I got free at SGM in a holiday goodie bag for their kick off of the 12 days of Christmas sale.. seemed kinda fitting ya know..?? =)

Oh.. and this layout is #104 of the year.. that completes my Volume Scrapbook Challenge over at Most lo's I've completed ever in one year!!

I'm listening to Christmas music and I'm just really feeling the holiday spirit today.. Merry Christmas.. may Santa bring you all you wish for.. =)

ETA: here is the card I made for Day 2 of the Christmas challenge. I'm on a roll... =)

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  1. What an awesome memory to go with an awesome layout. I have got to get going on getting those challenges done.


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