Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov 1.. where is time going..?

Hi there, Happy Belated Halloween. I didn't do any tricks or treats... =( I had a relaxing night at home...watched some Halloween movies.. A nightmare on elmstreet 5, didn't even know they made that many.. it was in 3d.. doh! and tried to stay awake for Ghostbusters 1 and 2.. I've been having trouble staying awake at night lately... it's all this extra fat.. it makes me tired to carry it around.. but, if my friend Meg can inspire me.. I'll be whittling it off so I can run a 5k with her in March.. yikes.. I better get moving..

Alright.. enough about me.. what you really came for is to see what fun Layout I did.. I finally finished the October Food Challenge from ACOT. I was a day late.. oh well. it still was fun and I'm always inspired by what they have going on over there. You need to stop by and check it out.. Even if you can't crop with friends locally, you have lots of internet scrapbook junkies.. i mean friends.. to help get you moving on your layouts... =)
So, I promised you my LO, here is it.. I'm pretty happy with it...

So, was it worth the wait...? Here are some cute pics of my dog that I will be scrapping soon. She is just so darn cute...

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Till next time... stay warm..

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