Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello friends...

can you believe another year is winding down and a new one beginning???? i am amazed at how much truth there is to time flying by as i get older. I always just pooh poohed it when i heard my mom or someone say this in my younger years because to me, time lagged by then. or so it seemed.. how i wish I had that same feeling now.. now, days are done in a blink and I'm left wondering how i got to where i am... does anyone feel the same???
It makes me want to cherish my time and every day that much more..... ahhhh. it must be the new year upon me making me reflect and think about such things... =)

I am very fortunate to know so many wonderful people, and those not so wonderful..well, i don't expend a lot of energy on them... sad, but true.

Ever here the quote...

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - jim rohn

it really has some meat to it.. to me, it says... surround yourself with people that will lift you up, encourage you, and make you a better person because of it.  

Ok.. enough reflection and rambling... ;)  here are a few pictures of what I've been up to, creatively. Trying to finish my December Daily... I have the cover and all the inside pages prepped and ready for pictures and journaling.. woooo hooo. I took the 25 Days class over at Studio Calico and my binder is a scrap lift of Ali's and Maggie's cover... simple and I didn't have to think much.. i need simple sometimes. i over think things...

and having fun trying to keep up with December's photo a day at I will be doing January too. here's a few December pics..

I love Instagram... so much fun....
and if you are wondering if I ever finished playing along with my motography class, well, let's just say that I read the intro and downloaded all the apps.. ;) Honestly.. I need to finish something soon. this was not it i guess. lol.. that's why I love forever access.. i can go back and complete it at anytime.

And it doesn't stop me from joining more things and taking more classes... here are a few to take a look at for 2013. maybe something will resonate with you...

Creative Jump Start by Nathalie Kalbach
The History Project by Kerri Bradford
Clean and Simple Card Making 2  @onlinecardclasses

Cheers... and I hope to be back again soon in 2013. no pressure though... ;)
Happy New Year!!!! stay safe...

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  1. LOVING your DD cover!! Can't wait to see it!!! Happy New Year!!!


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