Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy November!!!!


Geesh, not even really sure what to write... it's been so long. I have been crafting, a little here and there.. just can't keep up with the hectic pace of a daily blog and doing all the other things I enjoy. I've settled into knowing that I'll post when I can, and I have no commitments.. it's very freeing... no pressures. =)

If you've been visiting me over time, you know I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, and my latest obsession is card making, stamping, and taking online classes... yes, lots of classes. I like the fact that the classes are something I can complete at my own pace, do what I can/when I can, and gives me lots inspiration. I'm completely addicted to the classes at Studio Calico. I think I've signed up for most of those, with Maggie's Happy Little Moments being my fave so far.. Also, have a lot of the Ella Publishing, which is part of Big Picture Classes now. A few from Two Peas... Hitchhikers Guide and Divide & Conquer.. and most recently, Holiday Card Workshop from Online Card Classes and {Mo}tography at Jessica Sprague.

After watching the tutorials and videos from HCW, I think I'm even more obsessed with card making and want to make all my own homemade holiday cards. And I've been having fun downloading the apps and I'm excited for the inspiration of {Mo}tography. I'll become even more crazy about taking iPhone pictures and annoy my friends/family with my camera out and in their or make strangers wonder what I'm doing when I take a picture of my grocery cart or the fruit stand... who's guilty of that sort of stuff????  heehee.... ;)  That class will be great for my December Daily and Project Life, which I will be officially starting in 2013.

Anyone else a class taker???? If so, share the ones you love or the teachers you enjoy. I'm always looking for something to inspire me.

Here are a few stamp companies I can't get enough of...

Mama Elephant
My Favorite Things.. the Pure Innocence line is one of my faves.. 
I just caved for a few stamps during their retirement sale...can't wait to play with those. 

I have not forsaken regular scrapping.. still love it. Here is my most recent layout... Used a Noel Mignon Kit called West Coast.. love the colors in this kit.. If you are looking for good bang for your buck and lots of variety.. these kits are it. Noel does a great job.. =)

So, there is it... a bit of what I've been doing.. I'm more active on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But I will do my best to post my crafty endeavors here as well.

Hope you are all doing well and until next time...

Toodles.... =)


  1. I am a horrible class taker... can never keep up... or my ADHD kicks in! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee your lo!! I love love love love that photo and the balloon!!!

  2. Hey, lady, I know I've seen you around on pinterest, so at least I knew you were alive and well, haha! Hope you can post on here, too, though, 'cause I always love to see what you're making! I have never taken an online class, gasp! But, we got a new TV that we can watch youtube on, so I've been subscribing and watching stuff from two peas and Stamp TV, getting good ideas there - fun! Also, got a new CAMEO!!! Been messing with that and coming up with lots of neat ideas. Hope to see some of your holiday cards real soon, hugs, Roxy.

  3. I love your layout!! lovely photo too...and I miss you here!!! glad to see here again!!! hugs...xoxo

  4. The phone photography course looks fun, I'll look forward to seeing them on IG and all your Xmas cards you make. Gorgeous LO. Deb x

  5. Holy moly, you made a blog post and holy moly I'm blogging. :) I like this new class addiction of yours. The phone photo one is appealling but I just think the timing is bad for me.

  6. This layout rocks!!!! Just TOOO CUTE!

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  8. I've never taken an online class.

    I love your layout. The hearts are so cool popping off the page. I also really like how the washi tape at the top of the photo almost looks like a tab.


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