Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finding my mojo and a happy medium...

Hi there friends.... I hope you all are doing great. I just want to say that I appreciate those of you who have visited lately, despite my lame attempts at trying to reciprocate. Well, who are we kidding.  I haven't been feeling much like doing anything crafty... and bloggy.  You ever been in a funk, and just didn't find much joy in anything... Even my gardening and exercise routine suffered more than I would have liked. Life in general wasn't very joyful. It's a long story related to my work and don't be worried, I'm outta my funk and think I'm coming back to life... =) yippie!!!!!

I started a new position at work this last Monday and I think I'm back on track to being more of myself.. I have so many interests that I want to pursue and I want to jump in full throttle each and every time.. Well, maybe not full throttle... cause my tendencies are to over do it so I'll try just do things half cocked. We will see what happens... lol..

Right now I'm wanting to do more of the following.............

Take more pictures and refine my photography skills
Art Journal
Make Cards
Create tags and lots of them
Finish things... and I mean anything goes here... lol.
Spend more time in the garden
Exercise regularly again

and that's not including all the fun family and friend time I want....

That's a lot of stuff to cram into a day/week/year that involves a full time job.. we will see. I think my natural tendencies as mentioned above are to try to do it all, get overwhelmed and then just stop doing it all together. I need to do baby steps... and be ok with doing just a little bit here and there. Can you say obsessed??? my dear husband thinks I take things over the top.. he may be right.. 15 years with me and I think he may have figured me out. ;) I think that is what happened with blogging and scrapping.. I needed to step back and do something else for a bit...

I've been feeling a bit sentimental lately too...
I'm not sure why I'm pouring this all out here, but it feels good... I hope I'm making sense. =)

I am grateful for all the friends I've made online and hope to be back on a regular basis. I will put a schedule together for my blogging and try to make it more manageable and something that doesn't consume me..and make time for other things I love..

With that my dear friends... I'll leave you with a couple photos of one of my passions, that is gardening... I stopped by the greenhouse yesterday and plan to get some things in the garden today...

Happy Sunday! See you again soon.


  1. There she is! It's great to see you are alive :) I am so happy to hear you're finding your mojo again. I like your goals...I need to make some for myself as well. I'm looking forward to whatever you create...I've missed seeing your work :) Glad to have you back!

  2. Was great to hear you're still around....glad work sounds as if it is on the're such a fab scrapper it would be a shame not to do it...but totally understand your nature. At 50 I think I've worked out I'm a bit obsessive!!!!!! Took me a while longer than you!!!!!! Enjoy your weather & the garden:):):):):)

  3. You sound just like me!

    I'm glad you are working on finding a balance. Once piece of advice, don't try to hard to put yourself on a craft/blogging schedule - it really (for me) takes the joy away from it. I find that sometimes one weekend I will craft and blog a bunch and others I don't. I know there are a lot of crafters that have "set" schedules for when and how often they blog and while it works for some, it doesn't work for all - especially those of us that work full time!

  4. Glad to hear you have plans to be back in the bloggy world and the funk is ending!

  5. Glad to hear that you do have a plan worked out!! I do miss you ...of course... I do know how it feels... I am a full-time working mom ... :wink... hugs...xoxo

  6. You know I love ya girl and hope that everything you have planned goes as needed/wanted!!! Loving the pics... can't wait to see this garden!!

  7. Life can get a little overwhelming sometimes. Start doing bits of what you enjoy again and you will get your groove back. Gardening is a great way to's pretty therapeutic..

    Hope you enjoy your new position!

  8. Hi Theresa
    returning your comment- most of my square photos are from Hipstamatic but I am on Instagram- I am Pickleboys on Instagram

  9. Life gets in the way sometimes with things we really want to do. I know where you're coming from, when you do get the chance you find you've lost your mojo. I'm feeling a bit like that at the minute and just can't get motivated.
    It will be good to see you up and running again. Deb xxx

  10. Hey, Theresa, glad to see you back here, although I do "see" you on pinterest, eh? I definitely get to feeling that way from time to time, and it's nice to hear that others get overwhelmed too - makes me feel not so alone in this great big world! As my hubby was saying to me not even an hour ago, "Just relax!" Yeah, easier said than done, haha! Anyway, a schedule for blogging should help, and I hope to see more of your wonderful creations soon! Hugs, Roxy.


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