Sunday, August 15, 2010

Picture Fall and a few other ramblings

Hi, Good morning. Hope your weekend is going well. Mine is good so far. I cropped on Friday and yesterday morning started out with me spending a few hours shopping at ACOT's warehouse sale. Met a few of my message board friends there and found a few fun items. This is my fav find. It's a Kaiser Storage Drawer. $5
Can't wait to make it and decorate it for my scrappy room.

I spent a few hours with my family. My niece and nephew threw a Pony Party for my great nieces 5th birthday. Yes, you heard right. a Pony Party. You can buy just about anything I guess. Who knew huh??? =) We got there a little after 3 and I had to leave at 5 and unfortunately, the ponies hadn't shown up yet. My family took lots of pics. Here is couple of them.

Lexi. the birthday girl

My other great niece, Aleya.

Wish I could have stayed longer. My two great nieces had a lot of fun and are so adorable. Can't wait to crop these. =)

Then, I had a date night with my hubby. We had a fun evening with our friends Tim and Lea. We went to Red Lobster for dinner and went to see the Expendables. I enjoyed the movie a lot. Food was good. Overall, a pretty fun filled day. Wrapped it up by going to Walmart so my husband could go on a junk food spree. That allowed us to fester on the couch eating a bunch of snacks. It was nice just relaxing with him at home. he was gone for work a lot this last week.

So, today is the day I hopefully pick up my paper rack I found on craigslist. Woot!!!!

And I just signed up for Picture Fall.. I did Picture Summer. and now with my new camera, I can't wait to get started.

Big Picture Scrapbooking

I hope you all have a great day. I will see you soon.

Toodles =)


  1. You didn't tell me about the Kaiser drawer thing!! What a steal! The pictures of your neices are so cute. Hope Lexi had a good time.

  2. I was a "horse girl" when I was young - looooong time ago *sigh* The pics of the girls on the ponys are just adorable!!!!! Evenings on the couch with the hubs are important indeed! Makes me think... I have to drag my own hubby there soon 'cause he's very busy too this week. Hardly saw him! Maybe tonight? And thanks for joining my workshop - you're going to be busy next month! Can't wait to see what you will photograph and create - but it's going to be fun for sure!!!!

  3. Love the pony pics ... and glad you liked the movie...that one is on my list! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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