Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have a couple layouts to share

Hi there.. i'm sitting here on the couch feeling really hot and tired. I think I may be getting sick. I've had some signs all weekend and I think they are building up. i hope it's just a coincidence and it will pass. i'm sorry for not posting more, but honestly.. i don't have the mojo going lately. my last few layouts are not really doing it for me.. i just seem to struggle lately with creating anything.. nothing flows.. i hope I snap out of it.. I picked up some cute pictures from my brother over the weekend of my great nieces.. they are so dang cute and are great inspiration to get cropping. =)

last Friday I did crop with my friends.. got two layouts done...here they are..

A little touch of Heaven.. my friends little girl. I used the Making Memories Animal Cracker paper and a sketch from Page Maps Round Maps. the kraft paper in the back is not part of the layout...

a pic of my doggie, waiting for a treat. this is a sketch from Pencil Lines...

so... that's all I have for now.. I'll be cropping this Friday all day with my friend so I hope I get my groove back...

on a side note.. i've been celebrating my birthday since last Thursday, it was yesterday... the party's over, but I did have some fun with friends and family. I saw "The Proposal" and "The Hangover".. both were good, but the proposal had me in stitches or crying the whole time.. loved it.. and well, let's face it, Ryan Reynolds ain't half bad to look at and is funny.. =) Last night the hubby took me out to Genji's for dinner.. it's a Japanese Steak house.. mmmm.. it was so good. and he bought me another Pandora bracelet with a dog charm.. i love it!!! but now, it's back to my regularly scheduled programming. no more celebrating.. thank goodness. i ate enough cake and food for 10 people.. =) i'm a sucker for cake.

till next time.. I hope everyone is doing well and getting crafty..

toodles.. =)

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  1. Oh, I hope you wont get sick.

    lovely lo's !!!


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