Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!! a little late.. and some blog candy...

ok.. i've been bad.. not posting much creativity lately.. but I have been thinking about scrapping, does that count?? =) Had a wonderful weekend of fun so far.. Friday night, we went to see Friday the 13th.. how fitting huh? to see it on Friday the 13th.. what's even more weird.. is that in one month, there is another Friday the 13th... in March.. and that is when I will be headed to Memories Manor.. woohoo!!! And then on Saturday.. I took my car in to get the tires rotated..did a little shopping so I could come home and make lasagna for dinner.. we went to my friend Lea's house for her Birthday.. had a fun time.. now, how special is that.. to have your birthday on Valentine's Day. =) ... and that leads us to today... Sunday.. I didn't sleep well. I'm up putzing around on facebook and thought I would post an update here...

I'm trying to get caught up on all my blogs and my fellow blogger Jane gave me this award.. Thanks Jane!!! =)
It's the My Blog Measure Up award.. and to get this award i must do the following..

1. Say one nice this to the man in my life... well, he's still sleeping so can't do that.. but I told him a lot yesterday that I loved him.. does that count.. =) and I made him a homemade valentine..

2. List 6 ways I measure success in my life.. wow.. ok
my happiness..hey, if i'm not happy.. i can affect others.. ;)
my husband and our life together
my family and my ability to spend as much time with them
my friends and ensuring they know they are special
my work and doing the right thing by others
and lastly.. just contributing to life in general by trying to be as good a person as I can be.

3. Pass this award to 5 blogger friends..not that all my friends don't deserve it.. everyone should have it.. =)






So, here is my blog candy alert. I stumbled across this company on Facebook..

Very cool paper.. like the patterns and look of it. Go to Ching's blog HERE to try and win some of this fabby paper..

what else?? oh.. the LSS that I frequent is going to be having a Fancy Pants party.. can't wait for that.. a bunch of fun cool stuff.. i can't wait to go.. i bought a ton of FP embellies and paper for the event.. i need to get cropping.. I've been keeping up on my 365 project.. taking pictures... no new lo's yet.. but soon.. i just picked up more pics.. and.. i think that wraps up what i've been up to. I will post some creations as soon as i get something worthy for you all to look at. =)

Happy Sunday.. till next time...


  1. Oh Wow! That is so cool! Thanks so much Theresa! I have often wondered how you get these awards! So how do I get the picture to ad to my blog. I'm gonna go try to just click on it and see what happens. Thanks again

  2. Thank you so much Theresa! It is always nice to hear that people like your blog and get appreciated!

  3. Thanks for this award Theresa. I'm glad to see that you find it worth coming back every now and then and see what I'm telling the world ;-))

    Thanks very much !!

    Great to see that you had a great weekend also. Mmmmm, when I read about the lasagna ... that's what I would like to have in front of me ;-)) I'm afraid that it will be something more easy, will see what the fridge can offer me today ...


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