Friday, October 24, 2008

OFF Topic..

Hi, I'm in my hole again.. doing laundry.. and trying to put together a scrapbook layout.. I'm getting ready to print pictures as I type. I've been voting consistently since the year Bill Clinton first got elected, 92 I think?? I voted for that old guy that had a lot of money. Can't even remember his name now.. oh yea.. Perot.. that's it... anyways.. I don't have a committment to anyone.. I go with what seems right to me at the time.. This year.. it's been tougher than usual.. I guess you could say I've been more democratic, than republican, but I'm not opposed to at first, I thought I was going to vote republican.. even though I think Bush sucks ass.... then, I thought ok.. I better educate myself and see what these people are up to... so I went to their web sites to see what they have up their sleeves.. healthcare, womens issues, to name a few.. and once I started reading the McCain web site I know it was not going to be the year for me.. to vote Republican. Lots of stuff on that page I don't believe in or agree with. The main thing being the healthcare plan..... Read for yourself and form your own opinion... who am I anyway...

I hate talking politics and really don't get into it much, but I just had to voice my opinion somehow and honestly, I think all of 3 people read this... =) And I love you all..
So, I think I finally confirmed I'm voting for O'bama. Is he perfect, hell no. but I sure as heck am not going to vote for opinions and ideas I do not believe in...

Allrighty then.. back to our original programming... I'll post my new layout when its complete. I'm fixing to put a page together on my favorite snack of all time.. POPCORN.. man, I love that stuff.


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